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Douche of the Week

2010-06-06 10:21:39 by LukeXD

I wanna know who your douche of the week is? Mine is.........
Osama Bin Laden
Congratilations Mr. Laden


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2010-06-13 21:16:20

The world begins crumbling at my feet. I am now the greatest man alive. Any of you who dare say different, you are wrong. I AM the new God, I can destroy anything and everything. You fools say what you may, but remember, I watch you as you hide in your basements and rooms, masterbating to idiotic, nasty things like the furries you are. may your pimple-ridden asses die. Now BOW to your God. Bow to me, or I will make sure to make your life as miserable as I can. Now, BEGIN the suffering!