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New Art Is Up And More....

2010-06-19 08:53:33 by LukeXD

Hey Guys, My New Art Is Up It Advertises My New Flash And Comic Fodo Wars. If You Like It And What To Join The Fodo Team Then Comment Below Or
Click This To Send Me An E-Mail Saying You Want To Join!
Thanks Luke, Fodo God

Douche of the Week

2010-06-06 10:21:39 by LukeXD

I wanna know who your douche of the week is? Mine is.........
Osama Bin Laden
Congratilations Mr. Laden

Art Later Maybe!

2010-05-08 09:43:18 by LukeXD

Some art will be on my page in a bit maybe!

Flash Submission Soon!

2010-02-13 14:37:16 by LukeXD

New Animations Coming Soon! Soon Very Soon